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Post  southernlures on Thu Dec 30, 2010 8:33 pm

i was talking with a guy last night and he told me about his tire sets
i dont want to put out tires on my farms so i came up with these
new bait station Picture139

new bait station Picture140
new bait station Picture141

the box is lined with plastic so the water wont drain out
the center hole is 2" and the other holes are 1 1/4
im going to pour cracked corn in the 2" with a funnel then i will add yeast to water and add the water to the corn
then set it in the woods where i can blind set traps around it
far enough away so they cant reach the box or the next trap
He has caught 9 coon in one night on this set up
the fermented corn will draw them in
he also trains his pups on these sets without traps
he runs the pup near the box and there are always coon close to tree
the farmer may cut the beans this week and then i can get in and set these up before season we will see how it works

i built them to these specs

risers 2@ 30" x 4"
2@ 22 1/2" x 4"
top and bottom 2@ 30" x 24"
center hole 2" for filling
other holes 1 1/2"
take a sheet of plastic and line the total inside of the box and fasten top down then cut off the extra plastic


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