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Post  southerntrapper on Sat Mar 03, 2012 3:09 pm

I was trapping on my familys property behind our house for coyote. It rained on Feb. 29th all day so I couldn't pull my sets. But being as how they were set for coyotes I didn't worry about it. The next when I was gettin ready to go and pull my sets when my neighbor called and said a house dog was caught in one of my traps. I went over with my dad and let the dog out, the dog (jack russel terrier) had a small cut on his front paw right below the elbow. We got the dog back home and thought that would be the end of it because this same dog was caught last year and the owner was told we were settin our property again this year. The lady who was watching the dog gave him back to the owner and told him what happened, now he is sayin that we were out of line settin traps on our own property. What can I do about this? I checked the regulations but they don't say anything about trappin on private property. Is there any thing I can do? Our traps were tagged even though they were on our property and my dad has a license but I don't. Yes, I know I should since I'm 17 but I don't set off our property so I didn't think I needed one. Do I need one for private property? All help is welcomed.

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