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Lure dictionary

Anise Oil
used for Muskrat, Raccoon, and Bear lures.

Amber Oil
Special Powerful Mint odor.

Ambrette Musk Crystals
Popular Musk in crystal form. for 'Rat, Fox, Coon Lures.

Ambrette Musk Oil
works well in Rat, Fox, and Coon lures.

An excellent fixative used in lure formulation. Use sparingly.

Apple Extract Oil:
Strong, sweet apple odor.

Asafoetida Tinc. Liquid
A canine passion ingredient, powerful.

Asafoetida Genuine Powered
Imported from India.

Banana Oil:
Powerful, sweet. Good for Raccoon and Woodchucks.

Bergamot Oil:
Very fragrant, works well in formulation or straight. Used in Beaver, Muskrat, Coon, Bear, Cat, and Wolf lures.

Birch Oil:
Strong sweet oil used in Beaver, Coon, and Muskrat lures. Also used straight.

Black Walnut Oil:
Strong, sweet nutty odor good for squirrels.

Blueberry Fragrance Oil:
Strong odor very attractive.

Butterscotch Oil:
Very loud and sweet. Great for Raccoon.

Butter Pecan Oil:
Strong and super sweet. Very attractive Squirrels and Raccoon.

Calmus Powder (Sweetflag)
Used in lures for Raccoon, Muskrat, and Beaver. Imported from Asia.

Canton Musk Oil Regular
Its primary purpose is that of a fine fixative product, so effective in its ability to fix odors of other ingredients that it has been used successfully in formulated lures where beaver castor is the dominant odor. Recommended as a fixative in all formulated lures, particularly those made for canines and felines.

Catnip Imitation Oil:
Used in Cat, Beaver, and Muskrat lures.

Catnip Paste, Genuine
Ground moist leaves. Works well for Cats, Muskrats, and Canines.

Carrot Oil:
An attractive call ingredient in lure

Cheese Essence Oil:
Strong odor of blue cheese, valuable in Canine lures.

Chenapodium Oil:
Used as a fixative in Fox and Coyote lures.

Cherry Oil, Wild:
An excellent attractor for Muskrat. Used straight or with Beaver castor in formulation.

Civet Musk Oil Imitation
A truly fine product used in formulation for Fox and Coyote lures. Western trappers report great success using this in the winter months.

Cumin Oil:
A powerful fixative used in many Canine lures.

Fennel Oil:
A product of the carrot family and one of the finest attractors of all time.

Fig Oil, Black
A pleasant lasting odor that is very attractive to raccoon.

Grape Essence:
Sweet odor of wild grapes. Attractive to Raccoon and Fox.

Geranium Oil:
A valuable ingredient in Beaver, Muskrat, and Nutria lures.

Honey Essence
Few lure ingredients are of more value to the lure maker. A first class lure ingredient.

Lavender Oil:
A pleasant odor for Coon and Muskrat lures.

Loganberry Oil:
One of the finest attractors. Very fragrant. Used in Fox, Coyote, Raccoon, and Possum lures. Also used straight.

Lovage Oil Tincture
A passion ingredient. Used in Canine lures. Very powerful. Use sparingly.

Melon, Cantaloupe Oil:
Very sweet and attractive to Raccoon, Woodchuck, and Summer Coyotes.

Mulberry Essence Oil:
Fragrant plant odor is a top attractor for Woodchucks.

Muscaro Musk
A strong musk product attractive to most animals. Used straight of in formulation.

Musk Ketone Crystals
Natural odor of Musk. Intense and animal like. A fine fixative and addition to many lure formulas.

New Mown Hay Essence Oil:
Strong odor of cut grass is very good for attracting Rabbits and Chucks.

Pennyroyal Oil:
A product of the Mint family, sweet and very alluring. Used straight or as an additive in Muskrat, Beaver, Raccoon, and Nutria lures.

Peppermint Oil:
A very fragrant oil highly attractive to Muskrat and Raccoon. Sometimes mixed with wintergreen for variation of odor.

Persimmon Fragrance Oil:
A specialty product used for attracting Coyote, Fox, and Raccoon. Used straight or in formulation.

Phenyl Acetic Acid Crystals
Honey like odor attractive to Raccoon. Used in formulation of various types of lure products.

Popular Bud Oil:
Muskrat and beaver attractor used straight or in formula. Believed by many to be the best beaver food lure.

Prune Oil, Black
Sweet mild odor that is long lasting. An excellent Raccoon attractor. Straight of in formulation.

Red Raspberry Oil:
Powerful, sweet berry odor. Excellent in lures for Raccoon, Fox, and Bear.

Rhodium Oil:
Powerful mint like odor. Attractive to Muskrat, Beaver, Raccoon, and Nutria.

Rue Oil:
For many years a secret ingredient in Fox and Wolf lures. A mild fixative used by many lure makers.

Synthetic Fermented Egg
(SFE) As the name implies. Strong and attractive to Fox, Coyote, Raccoon, etc.

Shellfish Essence Oil:
The strong odor of Shellfish. A very popular and powerful attractor for Raccoon, Muskrat, Mink, and Fox.

Shrimp Essence Oil:
A specialty product attractive to all wild animals whose diets consist at least in part of Fish, Shellfish, and Crustaceans.

Smoke Essence Oil:
Powerful odor of Burned Hickory Smoked Bacon. Good additive in fish baits used for Raccoon, Bear, and Canines.

Spearmint Oil:
Valuable, widely used as one of the truly fine Muskrat and Raccoon lures. Mixes easily with other ingredients.

Strawberry Oil:
Very fragrant and attractive to Fox, Raccoon, and other fruit eating animals.

Sweet Corn Oil Imit.
In the course of a single season trappers turned turned it into one of the finest attractor products of all time! Appeals greatly to Raccoon, Muskrat, Beaver, and Fox.

Sweet Flag Oil:
(Calamus) A top attractor for Coon, Beaver, and especially Muskrat. Used straight or in formulation.

Tonka Bean Extract
Used and recommend as an enhancer and carrier of various essential oil products formulated as attractors of Raccoon. A mild odor product sometimes used as a straight lure.

Tonquin Musk Authentic
Authentic Tonquin Musk is no longer available for sale in the U.S.

Tonquin Musk Imitation
Siberian Deer Musk. One of the true secrets of old time Fox, Coyote, and Wolf trappers. An excellent ingredient in the formation, also used straight.This is very good quality, dark and strong. Much better than the thin light stuff others offer.

Valerian Oil Extract
A pure powerful product used in many formulation's for Fox, Coyote, Wolf, Raccoon, and Wildcats.

Vanilla Oil:
Pure and very strong. Used in formulation for Raccoon, Beaver, 'Rat, and Deer lures.

Watermelon Oil:
Very sweet, strong melon odor. Good lure for Summer Coyotes.

White Musk Crystals (Xylol Musk):
Many orders for this product come from trappers in the far North. It is used extensively in a variety of lure products, particularly for the Canines.

White Willow Bark Powder:
Recommended and used in lures formulated for Beaver, Muskrat, and Coon.

Wintergreen Oil:
Sweet fragrance oil used straight or in formulation of Raccoon, Muskrat, Beaver, and Nutria lures.

yang Ylang Oil:
A very powerful, floral and intensely sweet oil. Uncannily attractive to Canines, Cats, Raccoon, Muskrat, and Beaver. Used straight or in formulation

Fish Oil:
Pressed: 100% golden fish oil.

Fish Oil:
Sun Rendered: Powerful. Fish Juice.

Salmon Oil:
genuine Salmon. Pressed.

Shellfish Oil:
A truly versatile attractor for most furbearers. Coon, Mink, and Fox love this stuff.

Crayfish Oil:
Hot new Attractor for Mink, Coon, and Otter. Natural and Strong.

Trout Oil:
Sun rendered, very powerful, made from 100% rendered Trout. Used alone or called for in many lure formulas.

Glycerin Oil:
Lure base, gland or urine preservative.

Propylene Glycol:
Liquid lure base, antifreeze, mixes well with most materials.

Lure Base Oil Type:
A base for ingredients that won't mix well with glycol of glycerin.

Sodium Benzoate Powder:
(Bait Makers Compound) for use in preventing cut of ground flesh baits from decomposing after reaching the desired stage of taint. In addition, it is used in quieting down raw glands and secretions during the aging process and also for preserving urine, liquid bait, fish oil, solid fish baits, etc. Recommended proportions are seven or eight tablespoons of power to a gallon of liquid , paste or solid materials and mixed well.

Zinc Valerate Powder:
Special powder used by lure and flesh bait makers in the same manner as sodium benzoate but its chief function is to stimulate lure and bait odors during the aging process and to stabilize them when in use. So great is the concentration of this product that a half-teaspoon is sufficient to a gallon of urine or bait materials.

Anhydrous Lanolin:
(US Pure) (Sheep's Wool Grease) Recommended as a base for use in production of paste-type animal attractors.


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