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canine sets and locations Empty canine sets and locations

Post  southernlures on Wed Jan 12, 2011 12:19 am

now were some of these will also produce red fox they will also produce grey .

here's a location thats produce grey fox,coyote and a lot of cats

canine sets and locations IMG_0147

This picture shows where the timber meets the open areas these edges produce big for fox and coyotes. The hills and valleys will draw critters right to them.

canine sets and locations Snow4

In this case i set the up hill spot. Why because all predaters like the high points to over look feeding areas and the cover at the top was thicker better for the prey they look for. Here is a couple pics from the upper corner that i set up and took several fox and cat from this location. You can see the high wire pole in the left of the first pic.

canine sets and locations Foxremake3

canine sets and locations PHOT0061

canine sets and locations Fox1

this area has produced grey fox and coyotes

if you look close you will see a old road bed

canine sets and locations IMG_0145

heres a spot thats hard to set up and when i run across this, i set some traps on the high ridges and some in the lower saddles.most of the time the animals will travel the high ridges so they can check the area out.

canine sets and locations IMG_0165

heres a location for redfox ,greyfox and coyotes.
notice the small openning at the edge of the field.
its a small opening that joins another fiels .set two traps at that point

canine sets and locations IMG_0159

this area has produced a few greys and a lot of southern coyotes.
if you look close you will see the catch circle at the edge of a old road bed...notice the small tree that as my rub post

canine sets and locations IMG_0142

set edges of green fields,fire breaks,trails,water ways, or old logging roads.


Leaning post set
take a 12'' x 2'' wooden stake and drive it in a 75 degree angle (at the 10 oclock on a clock)
set the trap close to the stake for cats and grey fox, for coon and coyotes move the trap back 6 put a good gland lure or cat lure at the top and smear it about two inches .....remember the more it goes to the bottom of the stake the more non target catches you will make...the canines use it for a scent post and the cats use it as a rubbing post.
if you look close I use a rubber band and I pull the rubber band out slide q-tip with lure on it under doing this i cut my nontarget catches back 95 % unless it rains .then it's because the lure runs down to the bottom of the stake

canine sets and locations IMG_0177

In the Timber dirt hole set

The First picture shows the area were i decided to place my dirt hole set. in the picture you can see and old cattle trail that comes thru the timber area these are great trails for fox, yotes, Coon, and cats. But exspecially grey fox as this is there main hunting area!

canine sets and locations Dirthole1

The second pic shows the location along the trail that i decided on for my trap placement. The natural v formed by the vines is the location i chose.

canine sets and locations Dirthole2

The third picture is the dirt hole setup. I try to center the dirt hole center of the v I take a steel rod and woller out a nice 2 to 3 inch hole.

canine sets and locations Dirthole3

Then in the next pic i show my trap placement this placement should be so the incoming animal will cross between the jaws of the trap.

canine sets and locations Dirthole4

The next pic show that after you see were your trap placement is you will then begin to dig your trap bed. Making sure that when the bed is done the trap will set level and not wobble.

canine sets and locations Dirthole5-1

The next pic show that the trap should be dirt sifted and blended in with the surrounding area.

canine sets and locations Dirthole6-1

The next pic show that i added visual attractors to the set. The bait and lure should be placed at the hole set at this time.

canine sets and locations Dirthole7

The final pic shows what the finished set should look like when complete and blended in with the visual attractors in place along with bait and lure.

canine sets and locations Dirthole8

I hope this is of some use for you guys. Also if you decide to use this set up for fox or coon your trap selection should be differnt Like i like to use the 1 coil springs for coon and the 1 1/2 for fox. The choice of trap is all yours.

The rabbit hole set

I always like to make trap sets that mimic what nature has made and improve on them for my trapping needs.

Well here is another set that does just that its a rabbit hole set. Every rabbit will find a little brush pile and thats where they will lay up. So when your a bobcat roaming thu the timbers and along the edges you know that he will check out any little brush pile he see's hoping to jump a rabbit. So here is a set that looks like a little brush pile and has what apears to be a rabbit den hole. In the pic you will see i have first placed a log across the back of the hole. Then layed 2 other logs on it. Making what looks like a big A laying on the ground. Then i will stack some small limbs and such over this set up. Then i made a dirt hole big enough so that a rabbit could fit in it. After that i dug the trap bed and bedded the trap in front of this hole. The 2 logs will guide the cat right to the hole. And the TRAP!! The first pic is from about 40 yards away and looks good to me.

canine sets and locations PHOT0014

The second pic is a close up of this set up!

canine sets and locations PHOT0015-1

canine sets and locations PHOT0016-2

of all the setsi like the rabbit hole and the rub post or leaning post.the key thing to remember about grey foxthey tend to work the set from the back side.with the angle of the leaning post they tend to work the front side .now on the rabbit hole set they can't work it from the sides or back.another thing about grey fox you can use more guiding and they are not scared of flagging.

grey fox are attracted to coon lures,red fox gland lures but one of the best i have found for grey fox is a good cat gland lure..i also want to point one more thing out you hug the holes just like cats and they can be caught in cubbies and cage traps

happy trapping

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canine sets and locations Empty Re: canine sets and locations

Post  ray12 on Thu Jan 13, 2011 7:28 am

Very Very good post

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