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Post  minnesotascott on Sat Jan 01, 2011 8:55 am

In this day and age and the advent of single, double and even four coil spring traps, I wanted to share some traps of years gone by and a few that are still made.

The first trap is a Newhouse #4 double long spring, this trap is older then I am at the age of 42 and I still use these every year.
Trap information 001
Trap information 003
Trap information 004
I use the above trap for beaver. If the jaw spread is legal in your state for land trapping the #4 DBLS could be used for Bobcats, Coyote. I would consider it to be might big for fox and or coon.

This next trap also a double long spring is a Victor #3. These are a wonderful trap. Uses beaver, coyote. It can be used also for fox and coon ( alittle on the big side but it will get the job done).
Trap information 006
Trap information 007
Trap information 008

This is a 1 1/2 Victor single long spring. These traps have been around a mighty long time, the reason is they work and do the job well on the intended animal. Mink, muskrat, coon, fox, skunk, possum, squirrel, weasle to name some of the inteneded animals.
Trap information 013
Trap information 014
Trap information 015

Here we have a Pioneer 1 1/2 Stoploss trap. They are called stoploss due to the extra spring you can see. These can be a little tricker to set then the normal single long spring trap. When the jaws are closed you pull the wire over the jaws so that it is on top of the long spring. The stoploss traps are wonderful mink and muskrat traps. Think if the stop loss got used for coon or fox those 2 animals would ruin the stoploss part of the trap.
Trap information 010
Trap information 011
Trap information 012

This next trap a #1 single long spring. Set on a slide wire these are good traps for muskrat and mink, staked very well and on slide wires coon will fall victom to these traps also. On land best uses would be squirrles and animals similar in size.
Trap information 016
Trap information 017

The itty bitty #0 long spring, this is a rather light trap. On slide wires in the water rats and mink, a coon would most likely distroy this tap in fast order. On land weasle and squirrel.
Trap information 019
Trap information 020
Trap information 021

Next in line is the #4 and #14 jump. These are wonderful beaver traps. Otter and coon can be targeted with both of these also. On land I would not be afraid to target coyotes or bobcats with them. Now here in Minnesota we can use toothed trap in water sets only, in the state you trap toothed trap may not be legal so check your laws.
Trap information 004
Trap information 005

#14, the 14 is basically the same trap as the #4 but with teeth cast as part of the jaws.
Trap information 008
Trap information 007
Trap information 001

This the 1 1/2 jump is a great mink trap, it can be used for rats with great outcomes. Alot Coon on slide wires and staked well have fallen to this trap. On the land fox would be the biggest critter I would try to tackle with this trap.
Trap information 023
Trap information 024
Trap information 025

These are just a few of the traps I use, more will be added in the near future. You may ask why are no coil spring traps shown, well I dont own a coil spring traps. I am strictly a long spring and jump trap user. They work as intended and can be picked up used at nice prices.


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