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Post  southernlures on Thu Dec 30, 2010 8:00 pm

The first thing we do is hang the coon up and get the legs ringed at the ankles. Once we have the ankles ringed we start our first cut down each leg. The cut should be taken just under the vent and just above the testes if male. The following picture shows this cut.

skinning coon Phot0006-2

The next step is to ring the vent.

skinning coon Phot0009-0

Once we have the cut from leg to leg and the vent ringed then we can start pulling the fur from ankles to the tail area.

skinning coon Phot0010-2

Once we get to this point it is time to cut the testies off and this will free up the hide to be easily pulled down. Once that is accomplished we now free the hide around the tail. In hopes of pulling the tail bone from the tail.

skinning coon Phot0012-3

Once we have the above accomplished we can then take our tail puller and try and remove the tail bone. On this step i had a boo boo i pulled the tail from the old boar. This will happen from time to time but if this happens. Just cut the tail bone while still attached to the carcase off. And we will finish the tail pulling once the hide is free from the carcase.

Since we have cut the tail bone off carcase with fur still attached we will continue to skin the coon. We will continue to pull the hide down towards the front shoulders. Once at the shoulders we can work the skin around the front legs while pulling the legs free. Ring the front feet and pull the leg free of the hide as in the picture below.

skinning coon Phot0016-4

Once you have the legs free from the hide. Now we will continue to pull the hide down towards the head. You will notice it will come to a point where it wont pull any longer. When this happens Start to look for the ear butts. They will be a whiter color than the other tissue around the head. Once you find them cut straight down at the back side of the ear butts. Clear to the skull plate this will release the ears.

skinning coon Phot0017-2

Once the ears are free you can continue to pull the hide down until it comes to a stop once again. This will be the eye sockets. They will be white in color in comparison to the surrounding skull material. Notice in the picture you can see the color change where the eye sockets are.

skinning coon Phot0018-4

Once you see this color change cut behind the white area slowly. Cutting straight down in to the skull. You want the eyelids to stay attached. Just take your time cutting the eye free. Once they are free it will look like the picture below.

skinning coon Phot0019-3

Once to this point you can release the lips from the jaw area as well. Continue to skin the skull until you reach the nose area. Once there you can snap pull the hide free from the nose. But if it is to tough to pull free. Get as close to the end of the nose as you can a cut straight through the nose cartilage releasing the hide from the carcase.

Now that we have the hide released from the carcase we can concentrate on pulling that stubborn tail. Hang the tail bone in your sinch loop. Once you have it secured then use the tail puller to lock on to the tail bone just above the hide.

skinning coon Phot0020-0

Once you have the tail puller in place you can give it a real fast jerk straight down and it should release the tail bone from the fur. The final step should look like this.

skinning coon Phot0021-2

Now you have skinned the coon and the next step is covered in the how to flesh a coon thread. I hope this has been a help to all you new trappers.


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